Understand God’s end-time purpose for prophets,

prophecy and prophetic ministry.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Dr. Charles Green's The School of the Prophets Bundle!

In this four-course bundle  we will explore the ministry of the prophet in the Old and

New Testament. While The School of the Prophets will not make one a prophet, nor will it give the ability to prophesy the direct word of the Lord. There will be an emphasis on training,

teaching and activating what the Holy Spirit has placed within every believer in their gifted place of prophetic ministry.


Prepare to learn about:

  • Prophetic Relationships & Preparation
  • Prophetic Symbolism
  • Realms of the Prophetic: Impressions, Dreams, Visions, Trances and Revelations
  • Prophetic Evangelism
  • Prophets and Pastoral Relations
  • How to Minister the Prophetic Word
  • How to Discern True and False Prophets
  • Fulfillment and Non-fulfillment

And so much more.

This bundle includes 16 video lessons taught in 4 sessions each, 16 downloadable study guides, and certificates of completion of the course.

The cost of all four sessions is normally $480, but for a limited time, you can enroll now for $348 ($132 in savings)!

Enroll Now and Save $132!

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February 28, 2022

Dr. Charles Green

Hi, I’m Dr. Charles Green

Charles Green wears the mantle of apostleship and is one of many voices declaring the way of righteousness in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. By holding forth the word of life, the church of our Lord Jesus is being perfected through the 5-fold ministry of Jesus Christ. Charles and his wife, Evon are pastors’ of Christian Faith Fellowship Church East in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are preparing the saints to minister the fullness of the gospel in the harvest fields of the world and to overthrow the kingdom of Satan in every sphere of human existence.

God has taken Charles through effectual open doors of ministry in the United States, Canada, Trinidad, Sweden, and throughout Ghana, West Africa, Kenya and Tanzania of East Africa, Capetown, South Africa, Panama, and also in Eastern India. In 2001 he appeared on “It’s A New Day” of Trinity Television in Winnipeg, Canada to speak concerning the relationship of the church and the nation of Israel. In 2008 he was a guest on TBN’s Praise the Lord program.

Charles ministers with an apostolic mantle and prophetic inspiration, souls are saved and the Body of Christ is built up and established in present truth revelation of the scriptures. Supernatural signs follow the preaching of the gospel in his ministry.

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